OP Group Pleased to Announce Nine New Clients

We are pleased to announce a major expansion our management services, increasing our client roster to include more than 20 clients on three continents, including well-known broadcasters Quin69, Squirrel, Tru3ta1ent, among many others. Today’s additional clients bring OPG’s management portfolio to more than 7.2 million Twitch followers and 409 million monthly watched minutes. New broadcasters that have hired OPG as their management resource include:

AlaskanSavage. AlaskanSavage is a variety broadcaster whose got his start while serving as a chef at an oil camp in (you guessed it) rural Alaska. He was originally drawn to the Twitch community as a viewer, to combat the loneliness of the remote location. Within months of starting to stream, he became a Twitch Partner, and was recruited onto Main Menu, a leading Twitch variety broadcasting team. Since then, his star has only continued to rise. He broadcasts nearly 100 different games on his channel each year, and has a particular soft spot for obscure film quotes, and action RPGs like Dark Souls, The Witcher, and Skyrim.

Dethridge. Dethridge has found success on Twitch doing what he does best: playing games and interacting with his audience. He first made his mark on Twitch by specializing in just a handful of games. Since those early days, he and his community – The Knight Club – have continually expanded their interests, exploring the best games in a wide variety of genres. Dethridge prides himself on promoting a positive side of the Internet. Active since 2012, he continues to grow as a lasting and influential voice in the livestreaming community.

dmbrandon. Brandon started in the gaming community as a tournament-goer in the late 90’s, and has been competing in and organizing events for the past 20 years. A former professional Smash Bros player, he transitioned and built his broadcasting skills by serving on the full-time commentary team for Hi-Rez studios’ SMITE. He later shifted to full-time livestreaming, where he regularly explores titles in a wide variety of game genres (though SMITE is still a major focus of his broadcasts.) Never one to shy away from controversy, Brandon’s energetic and sometimes contrarian persona are balanced by his expert-level insights into game design and industry trends, often providing valuable guidance for brave developers.

Lowco. Lowco has a loyal following composed of other friendly and respectful community members on Twitch. Lowco has also established her own community titled the Looneybin, which hosts an array of features for active community members including forums, a merch shop, and a community calendar. As a variety streamer, the games that Lowco plays have no boundaries, ranging from casual sandbox games to the hardcore RPG genre. Fans praise her ”scary games” streams, her skill at shooters, and the engaging way she approaches new & unknown games.

Quin69. A Twitch mainstay since 2014, Quin hails from the mystical land of New Zealand. His combination of skilled gameplay alongside his sharp sense of humor and Kiwi charm has garnered him a loyal worldwide following. His fanbase tunes in live every day to be entertained by his unique take on games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Path of Exile. A passionate MMO and ARPG player, Quin’s always searching for the next adventure or achievement – his next major one, announced in August 2017, will be becoming a father!

Sattelizergames. The Twitch landscape is full of energetic personalities, but few can match the raw charisma of Sattelizer. Never one to shy away from unique games, Sattelizer plays a little bit of everything on his Twitch livestream and runs a growing YouTube channel as well. Whether he’s comically hunting down his victims “in character” in horror games like Friday the 13th, or earnestly fighting for survival in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Sattelizer brings an ever-increasing quality of entertainment to every broadcast.

Teawrex. A professional streamer since 2014, Teawrex has risen in popularity thanks to his hard work and dedication to the Twitch community. He is most well-known for his Destiny content, but also streams a wide variety of different titles and is willing to play almost his fans enjoy. Along with his friendly chat full of dedicated ‘dinos,’ Teawrex perfectly balances community interaction with high-level gameplay to make his channel one of the most engaging on Twitch.

Tru3ta1ent. Tru3ta1ent is one of the most skilled gamers streaming on Twitch. His community, built around fighting games like For Honor, tunes in daily to watch him hone his skills in high-level gameplay and PVP combat. A pillar of his influence rests around the learning component of his live stream, where he educates viewers on his tricks of the trade. Always competitive, Tru3ta1ent is constantly looking for the next challenge in a myriad of games that span many genres, from survival horror like Dead by Daylight to traditional fighting titles like Absolver.

Squirrel.  Twitch and YouTube mainstay Squirrel is a veteran of simulation gaming. He hosts one of the most popular simulator-focused channels on the YouTube and Twitch platforms, and covers many different games in the simulator genre. From delivering goods in a long-haul truck, to racing behind the wheel of a supercar, flying jets across the continents, and tending to the crops of his virtual farm, Squirrel takes full advantage of the large variety of simulation experiences available. Squirrel’s light, relaxed and educational style and highly interactive relationship with his audience has helped Squirrel build one of the most friendly, helpful, and respectful communities on Twitch.

These signings represent the beginning of an expansion phase for Online Performers Group. We’ve spent the past few years validating our business model and expanding services. Over the past year, we’ve added public relations, proprietary analytics, event logistics, payroll support, accounting, collections and other services to our offering. We’re now ready to provide services to a much broader range of clients. Our goal is to continue to build toward providing a 360 degree management experience, so the only thing a broadcaster needs to worry about is putting on a good show.

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Bajheera as New Client

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing Bajheera!

Bajheera is one of the most inspirational leaders of the World of Warcraft community. He has a strong commitment to physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s crushing his foes in an intense PvP match, or crushing max reps at the gym, he’s always about those #GamesAndGains.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Bajheera can continue to focus on providing high quality livestreaming entertainment (both video games AND his gym routine) to his dedicated legion of fans.

OP Group Now Hiring: Account Manager

It’s shaping up to be another busy year at OP Group! Our clients are doing amazing things – and we’ve been fielding inquiries from some amazing partners. As we look ahead, it’s clear that we will need to increase the size of our team to keep up with demand and ensure that our growing roster of clients is as thrilled as they are today!

I’m happy to announce that we’re opening up a new Account Manager position at OP Group. The details on the job can be found below.

This position will be based out of our office in San Diego, CA. Aside from the clear value of living in America’s Finest City, our full-time employees enjoy paid holidays, paid time off, flexible working hours and health care benefits.

If you feel that you’d be a strong candidate, please follow the instructions on the job description and get in touch!

This entry-to-midlevel position requires excellent communication, organizational and problem solving skills. Serving as one of the key points of contact on our team, the account manager will act as the first touch point for their portfolio of livestreamers, ensuring that they have what they need, understand any sponsorship obligations they have and are generally happy and successful. To apply, submit cover letter, resume, and any supporting materials.  [Read More…]

OP Group Pleased to Welcome CinCinBear as New Client

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing CinCinBear.

A woman of many talents, CinCinBear has found success on Twitch through her exciting game play and energetic personality. 

She has a popular following on Patreon where she cosplays everything from anime characters to video game heroes. Her main games have been WoW, Overwatch, CS:GO, and Minecraft during her streaming career on Twitch, and she is one of the fastest growing female streamers to date.

Her dynamic and friendly personality is sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that CinCinBear can continue to focus on providing high quality video content and livestreaming entertainment to her growing community of fans.

OP Expands to Represent Pirates and Ninjas

Happy New Year! 2016 was a banner year for online content creators. There’s been tremendous growth across many channels – and we’ve been happy to see some of our clients take major steps forward in their lives, from buying houses to starting families.

We are hearing from more and more performers that the inquiries from companies and sponsors are increasing to the point that they need a team supporting them. To meet that growing need, we are expanding and diversifying to help content creators who serve a wide variety of games and communities.

We’re thrilled to announce that OPG is now representing Anthony Kongphan and BurkeBlack!

Anthony is known for his incredible charity work and intensely funny evening streams. He was recently featured on CBS Sports for Amazon’s Champions of Fire and has done work with Coke eSports, Daybreak’s H1Z1 and many more.

Burkeblack is one of Twitch’s rising stars. In 2016 he more than tripled his follower count, streams today to nearly 10 times as many daily viewers as at the start of 2016, and recently passed the 2000 subscriber milestone. A pirate with a heart of gold, Burke’s community is among the friendliest and most welcoming on Twitch.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management and administrative services so that these talented streamers can continue to focus on providing high quality video content and livestreaming entertainment to their growing community of fans.

“Losing Subs”, Gaining Perspective: Understanding Your Sub Count

Whether you just became a Twitch partner, or you’ve been living the ‘sub button’ life for a while now, there is always a number sitting above your head.

This number affects how many custom chat emotes you are allowed, influences your eligibility for front page exposure, determines how much money you make, and may even impact your self-esteem. It is your sub count and it represents the number of active subscriptions to your channel.


Often referred to as how many subs you have, it may be the most common self-evaluating performance metric among your peer group. Yes, we talk to you about concurrent viewers, followers, and if you talk to me a lot you probably hear terms like “expected concurrency” and “volatility” – but in the end, no single number has more direct impact on your life than your channel’s sub count.

Most likely, you look at your sub count daily or weekly. You may even display your sub count to your community to show how close you are to the next milestone. This number, which you may feel is the fundamental measure of your worth, seems unpredictable at times. Sometimes it goes up consistently for a while, but then it drops and you’re suddenly trying to reach the same goal you told your community you’d reached three weeks ago.

It can be a confusing rollercoaster. Much of this is the result of the language we use to talk about Twitch subscriptions. You heard it first from Twitch, and then the community reinforced it, but ‘sub count’ often does not accurately describe your situation.

No single number has more direct impact on your life than your channel’s sub count

Fundamentally, when someone subscribes to your channel, they are not becoming a long-term subscriber; they are purchasing one month worth of subscriber-level access to premium features. That is the key thing to understand. The language we use creates a strong sentiment that the subscription is a persistent thing. You may feel that when you sell this one month subscription, that you’re adding to a persistent total (similar to gaining followers). That isn’t really the case.

When you think about subscriptions, it is best to view them as individual sales units. Resubs are returning customers, who get an additional perk for not having gaps between purchases. They are still buying individual units from you, even if they buy in bulk or plan for a future purchase. From a sales perspective, they are not different.

Subscriber-level access to "Premium Features"

Subscriber-level access to “Premium Features”

You may be thinking, “but they sign up for automatic renewal!” or “they can buy in larger quantities than one month!” You’re not wrong here, but it doesn’t matter much. Compare a subscription to filling up your gas tank, the kind of magical gas tank that lasts for a whole month before being empty. When you run out of gas, you refill the tank, because you want to keep your vehicle running. Do your viewers have that kind of pressure to refill when a subscription expires? No. Gasoline is a necessity; Twitch channel subscriptions are a luxury. There is only a small amount of pressure to renew a subscription (resub).

You may be wondering what this talk about sales and resubs has to do with your “sub count”. Well, if subscriptions last one month and each purchase is a single unit, your sub count is actually a rolling monthly sales total – how many subs you sold in the last month. Take any 30-day period of time – if you sold 500 subscriptions on the first day of that period and none of the buyers made a subsequent purchase, you earned 500 subscriptions worth of revenue for those sales. If you had been looking at your sub count, on Day 1 you may have gained 500 subs, and then on Day 31 lost them. When you talk about it in terms of a sub count, it appears that something negative happened at the end. That’s not true. Something amazing happened. You sold 500 subscriptions in one day. That’s incredible! All that ever matters is how many subscriptions you sell each day, and every day counts. How many subs did you sell yesterday? How many do you hope to sell today? These are the important questions.

Twitch channel subscriptions are a luxury.

Twitch channel subscriptions are a luxury.

Why then has anyone ever used the term sub count? If all that matters is how many subs you sell each day, why have you been trained to think in terms of sub count? Sub count, as a rolling monthly sales total, can be used to measure consistency. If you are consistently selling the same number of subscriptions each day, your sub count will stay constant. If your daily sales volume is steadily growing, your sub count will be growing as well. Watching the flow of your sub count may help you to notice long-term trends in sales performance. Don’t let yourself get to the point, though, where your sub count is the only thing alerting you to these trends. Focus on each day and sell as many subscriptions (new or repeat) as you can. Think in terms of the positives. Be prepared for your sub count to fall when you had a huge sales day the previous month and are unlikely to repeat it. Take the good when it comes, and carry momentum forward.

You may be one of the many broadcasters who traveled to PAX West or Twitchcon and came home to a low sub count. Many of your peers were depressed and posting on social media about how many subs they lost. Hopefully, armed with the info in this article, you know better.

You didn’t lose anything. You weren’t streaming, and therefore you weren’t actively selling subscriptions.

streamclosedOf course your monthly rolling sales total is lower, because your business was effectively closed. When you got back home, you opened the shop back up and started selling your wares again. Because you know that subscription revenue is about selling subscriptions each day, you’ve been driving those additional sales from linked Amazon Prime accounts and Twitch Prime trials.

You’re riding high, loving the big sales days, but you know that’s all they are. You’re anticipating a sub count drop next month, and you’re already thinking about ways to create similar big sales days in the future. You are prepared, and ready to get back to work.

How many subscriptions will you sell today?

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Bikeman as New Client

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing Bikeman.

One of Twitch’s longest-streaming entertainers, Bikeman is best-known for his improvisational humor and the prolific number of games he broadcasts.

Bikeman’s influence in the space has driven dozens of games to the top of the Steam charts, as other streamers often look to him for game recommendations.

Bikeman rarely uses a camera when he streams, keeping the focus on the game and engaging audiences with his commentary alone. A bit of a mysterious figure, his true identity wasn’t known until he started attending conventions recently.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Bikeman can continue to focus on providing high quality video content and livestreaming entertainment to his growing community of fans.

TwitchCon Does San Diego: Jenn’s Picks

Want to know what’s good in San Diego during your trip for TwitchCon? OP Group has some ideas! We’ve picked our personal favorite spots in the area to eat, drink, and hang out in San Diego.

San Diego Sailing Tours

Distance from convention: 4.1 miles – 15 minutes – $8 Uber
Website: sandiegosailingtours.com

Feel the sun on your face and the wind at your back during these tours of San Diego Harbor. Enjoy daytime or sunset sails with wine, craft beer, and great snacks.




Distance from convention: 0.6 miles – 10 minutes – Walkable
Website: eatpuesto.com

The best Mexican street food is within walking distance of the convention! Puesto knows the true meaning of fresh with hand-made tortillas, scratch salsas, all-natural meats, sustainable seafood and local greens.



Polite Provisions

Distance from convention: 6.1 miles – 20 minutes – $10 Uber
Website: politeprovisions.com

A speakeasy feel with handcrafted cocktails (made with over 50+ types of bitters!) Polite Provisions is on a mission to spread the “art of the cocktail” to everyone who walks in their doors. Hungry? Enjoy a bite at their sister property, Soda & Swine, next door.



Pacific Shores

Distance from convention: 10 miles – 17 minutes – $12 Uber
Website: yelp.com/biz/pacific-shores-san-diego-2

Dimly lit 1960’s dive bar, complete with psychedelic octopus seductress murals. Enjoy a stiff drink, pool tables, and all of the blacklight art you never thought you needed.



The Pearl Hotel

Distance from convention: 7.7 miles – 15 minutes – $10 Uber
Website: thepearlsd.com

A shag lounge, pool cabanas, and happy hour eats make for a chill hangout spot. The relaxing bar scene highlights 10 craft beers on tap, an eclectic wine list, and super-signature cocktails.



Personal Recommendations: Omeed | Jenn | Skyla | Mel | Downtown Destinations

TwitchCon Does San Diego: Omeed’s Picks

Want to know what’s good in San Diego during your trip for TwitchCon? OP Group has some ideas! We’ve picked our personal favorite spots in the area to eat, drink, and hang out in San Diego.

Enigma HQ

Distance from convention: 1.3 miles – 7 minutes – $5 Uber
Website: enigmahq.com

This unique escape room was designed by Brian Hacker – poker player, MtG player, and card game designer. Using story-based puzzles, cinematics, and physical environments, this escape room is unlike any other.



Sushi Ota

Distance from convention: 10.3 miles – 15 minutes – $12 Uber
Website: sushiota.com

Considered one of the best sushi restaurants in San Diego, you’ll definitely want to make a reservation to check this place out. Omeed recommends ordering omakase – and if you don’t know what that is, prepare for a surprise.



Seven Grand

Distance from convention: 5 miles – 15 minutes – $10 Uber
Website: 213dthospitality.com/project/seven-grand-sd

Seven Grand (and its speakeasy, Bar Three Piece) has the best scotch selection in town. Get classy with a fancy cigar, while you enjoy the company of every type of hipster.



Red Fox Room

Distance from convention: 5 miles – 15 minutes – $10 Uber
Website: redfoxsd.com

This dive bar has a long and storied history. It was built in Surrey in the 1500s, and was transported to the United States in 1926 at the whims of a budding actress. Expect dim lighting, questionable piano playing, and strong drinks.



The Shout House

Distance from convention: 0.5 miles – 10 minutes – Walkable
Website: sd.theshouthouse.com

Dueling pianists let tips drive the playlist. It’s like Twitch in bar form! The people watching alone is worth the small cover charge on weekends.



Personal Recommendations: Omeed | Jenn | Skyla | Mel | Downtown Destinations

TwitchCon Does San Diego: Skyla’s Picks

Want to know what’s good in San Diego during your trip for TwitchCon? OP Group has some ideas! We’ve picked our personal favorite spots in the area to eat, drink, and hang out in San Diego.

Belmont Park

Distance from convention: 10.4 miles – 18 minutes – $13 Uber
Website: belmontpark.com

Belmont Park is the heart of Mission Beach, where you’ll find laser tag, an arcade, ziplines, and even a roller coaster! Enjoy an incredible view of the ocean while eating rooftop sushi, or take on the surf challenge at the wave house.



Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

Distance from convention: 7.1 miles – 15 minutes – $9 Uber
Website: stonebrewing.com/visit/bistros/liberty-station

Stone Brewing is known for their hoppy IPAs so if beers are your jam, don’t pass this one up. Wind down your evening outside by the firepits with some great food and a flight of local brews.




Distance from convention: 6 miles – 11 minutes – $8 Uber
Website: thelamplighterbar.com

Open every hour that alcohol can be served in San Diego (6AM – 2AM), this is the dive bar you’re looking for. Enjoy a game of pool, dim lighting, and karaoke that starts nightly at 9!



Lucha Libre

Distance from convention: 4.9 miles – 12 minutes – $9 Uber
Website: tacosmackdown.com

One step inside Lucha Libre and you’ll see that this is unlike any taco shop you’ve ever been to. They take the luchador theme to the next level, complete with wrestling ring. Make this the place you go for a California Burrito. (There are 2 locations – Skyla recommends the one on University Ave.)



Coin-op Game Room

Distance from convention: 4.9 miles – 12 minutes – $9 Uber
Website: coinopsd.com

A trip to Coin-op like being a kid again, with all the perks of adulthood. Great craft beer, nerdy-themed mixed drinks, fun food, and over 30 classic arcade games. Skyla recommends the deep fried oreos and the Kong’s Barrel punch bowl. Bring friends.



Personal Recommendations: Mel | Downtown Destinations